The students of Raya University passed the exit exam with a remarkable result

Although RU had a threatening time due to the desperate war of Tigray; it has been successfully navigating since the glimmer of the Pretoria Peace Agreement was heard with courage, resilience and perseverance. For this reason, it has accomplished an outstanding achievement and upheld its reputation.
The 2024 Graduating Students of RU registered a remarkable achievement in the Exit Exam held at the National Level from June 21- 25, 2024. Out of 286 students who sat in the exam, 279 (97.55) of the students have passed. As it is said ‘diligence is the mother of accomplishments’, this marvelous achievement is gained by the combined and relentless efforts of the University Community in all arrays of its activities.
The university is thrilled to express its congratulations to our students in this momentous and exhilarating moment. This achievement is the climax of your indefatigable hard work and sleepless nights.
June 29, 2024
Raya University
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Executive for Public and International Relations