Public and International Relations Director


Raya University

Message of the Public and International Relations Executive Director

Welcome to Raya University!

Raya University was established by the Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (Council of Ministers Decree No. 650/2001 and Rule No. 357/2008) as an autonomous higher education institution. It is one of the eleven fourth-generation universities established in the country. The cornerstone of the university was laid on February 16, 2016, and it launched its teaching and learning process in 2017. The university aspires to be one of the top ten Ethiopian 4th generation universities.

The University Public and International Relations Executive Office is carrying out its work as a key task to achieve the university’s vision and mission in teaching and learning, research and technology transfer, and community engagement. In addition, the university is assiduously working in teams to expand and strengthen the university’s image and reputation through social media, public media, the university’s website, and Facebook. In addition, the office strives to create strong relations that enhance the good image of the university by formulating and presenting influential experiences and new ideas that bring business success to the university and giving corrective measures to concerned bodies on news, websites, script writing, advertisements, and magazine works.

Furthermore, the office prepares communications and works in teams to ensure successful work and continuity of the good experiences within the university; coordinate and implement new student welcoming and graduation ceremonies; and other related issues so that the process of a peaceful learning and teaching environment can be carried out in the university. The office serves as a marketing platform and a channel of information on the activities of the university to the external community. This is done through social media and publications.

Regarding networking and internationalization, the office is making every possible effort to accelerate its partnerships and networking with various stakeholders, institutions, and organizations from every corner of the globe. Having realized the paramount importance of partnership and networking, the office is indefatigably working on partnership and networking so as to maintain the university’s image and reputation enhance its visibility and access to its quality services, and escalate the number of local, national, and international stakeholders and partners. This can be achieved by preparing a comprehensive international relations affairs plan with concerned bodies and following up on their implementation or cascades to ensure all public relations activities that are vital to outshine the university’s vision and mission. To sum up, the university’s International Relations Office:

  • Facilitates bilateral links with local and foreign institutions.
  • Facilitates links between national states through open learning programs and new technologies.
  • Seeking and availing academic and other related issues for faculties and students to make best use of national and international opportunities.
  • Provides services for the international movement of students, staff, and researchers between universities or countries.
  • Strives for internationalization of higher education curricula

I do hope you will join us.

Mebrahtom Guesh Giday (Assistant Professor)

Public and International Relations Executive Director