Resource Development and Revenue Generation Executive Officer

Message from Resource Development and Revenue Generation Executives office

Resource Development and Revenue Generation Executives office started as office in 2012 under the administration and development/president, and it is presupposing ‘an investment or business activity that makes money. Own-income generation is therefore one way for an university to diversify its sources of revenue. This category includes all other ways in which an organization may generate unrestricted income there were principal ways through which an organization can generate its own revenues. These includes contributions to a trust or endowment fund, fundraising for institution operations, income generation through the sale of goods and services, intellectual property, and income generation through corporate alliances and Agricultural production.
Therefore, this area of work that needs attention should be continued. for the time being we are working on the following areas.

    1. Animal fattening
    2. Dairy developments
    3. Irrigation
    4. Beekeeping
    5. Sales of goods and services

Therefore, the above-mentioned works require great attention and commitment I believe if all stock holders work to gather our university will solve financial problem on the long run and we can bring better results and progress.

Yours Sincerely,

Mulugeta Hagos

Resource and Development Revenue Generation Executive Officer

Phone: (+251) 914 72 3571