Institutional Transformation Executive Officer

Message from Executive of Institutional Transformation

Our University (RU) was established by the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE), Council of Ministers, and Proclamation Number 357/2015 in 2015. It has been engaging in different activities and reforms to meet the demands of the surrounding region and the nation as a whole. Under the scheme of the institutional reform, the non-core activities of the university, such as campus guarding, cleaning service, students’ feeding service, and campus greenery work, have been outsourced in order to focus on its core mission and create job opportunities for the local community.

The Office of Institutional Transformation and Good Governance Affair is one of the Executive Offices, according to the new structure, which is under the President’s office and has the following tasks:

  • Planning, controlling, coordinating, and leading the office objectives,
  • Improving the transformational and good governance affairs and announcing new reform activities in the academic and administrative duties of the university, such as organizational work culture, a better customer service system, and creating a conducive and dependable organizational structure,
  • Controlling reform activities that are endorsed by the Ministry of Education and Public Service Commission. Monitoring and evaluating that the reform tools and good governance issues have been exercised and taking the necessary actions
  • Classifying the drawbacks of good governance and finding the appropriate solutions,
  • ensuring effective work implementation capacity building programs for the leaders and experts through long- and short-term training and other human development activities
  • Creating collaboration with universities and other stakeholders according to our mission and,
  • Modernizing all manual services at the university by automating.

Hence, I believe that the activities stated above can’t be effective in our office without the full support of all the academic and administrative staff. Our combined effort is crucial to meeting the demands of our community and beyond. Thus, I kindly request the university’s community to put their significant roles together in transforming the designed institutional activities and enhancing good governance in our university.

Yours Sincerely,

Ashenafi Nega Birru (MBA)

Executive of Institutional Transformation

Phone: (+251) 1416-6523

E-mail: or

Institutional Transformation Executive Officer Staff Profile

Full Name: Ashenafi Niguse Kurfay

Position: Institutional Transformation Senior Expert

Phone: +2519 14 24 0000

Education Qualification: BA in Management


Full Name: FaSika Legese

Position: Dispute Resolution Senior Expert

Phone: +2519 49 91 5150

Specialization: BA in Management