College of Medicine and Health Science

Sibhatu Gebrehiwot (Assis. Prof.)

Dean, College of Medicine and Health Sciences

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College of Medicine and Health Sciences:

The College of Medicine and Health Science (CMHS) at Raya University (RU) was established in 2020 and has been offering three academic programs: Medical Laboratory Science, Midwifery, and Nursing. Initially, the College started with Twelve academic staff members and 78 students. Since its inception, the College has prioritized teaching, research, training, and clinical and community services as its main responsibilities. Its goal is to achieve the highest standards in medical and health education, community engagement, and research. These departments reflect our commitment to excellence in education, research, and community engagement across various disciplines.

The College, in conjunction with the Federal Ministry of Education, intends to expand and launch several  departments in the forthcoming years. In line with our vision for the future of healthcare and medicine, these specialized departments will not only facilitate groundbreaking advancements but also pave the way for introducing advanced degree programs. As we embark on this exciting journey, your enthusiasm, expertise, and dedication are crucial to our success. We eagerly anticipate your active involvement as we collaborate to make a significant impact in the field of Medicine and Health Sciences.

CMHS-RU is striving to produce highly skilled health professionals, and we encourage you to explore our programs and discover how we can support you in achieving your academic and professional goals.

College of Medicine and Health Sciences Staff Profile

No. Full Name Position Email Dep’t Specialization
1. Birhanu Medhin Berhe Lecturer Nursing Pediatric Nursing
2. Nugus Desalegn Lecturer Nursing Adult Health Nursing
3. Hayat Maeruf Mohammed Lecturer  Nursing Pediatric Nursing
4. Teka Asmerom Lecturer Nursing Adult Health Nursing
5. Melaku Fikadu Tsadik A/Lecturer Nursing
6. Solomon G/tsion Sahle A/Lecturer Midwifery Clinical Midwifery
7. Birhan G/kiros Siyoum A/Lecturer Midwifery
8. Hewan Mengesha Halefom A/Lecturer Midwifery Midwifery Education
9. Brhanu  Abadi Abraha A/Lecturer Midwifery Reproductive Health
10. Baraki Tsegaye Tesfay GA-II Medical Lab.
11. Mulugeta Kiros  Aleme Lecturer Medical Lab. Medical Microbiology
12. Sibhatu Gebrehiwot Assis. Prof. Medical Lab Biomedical Sciences
13. Tsirha Haregot Lecturer Nursing Epidemiology
14. BerhaneTeklay Asfaha


Lecturer Midwifery Maternity and reproductive health