Message from President



Welcome to Raya University.

Raya University (RU), which is located in the Southern Zone of the Tigray region of Ethiopia, was established in 2015 by the Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (Council of Ministers, Regulation No. 357/2015) as autonomous Higher Education Institution. After years of engagement, it has been differentiated as a Comprehensive University by the Ministry of Education in 2021. It was founded with the intention of addressing the growing demands for higher education in the region and contributing to the socio economic development of the Nation. Since its inception, the University has been committed to providing quality Education, Research and Community Service being fostering an environment of academic excellences.

The principal Mission of the University is to produce competent medium and high level professionals who maintain the knowledge, skills and ethical values demanded to contribute to the improvement of societal livelihoods, conduct problem-solving researches to benefit the community, release the outputs to the public and benefiting the people in the region and across the nation.

Apart form that the University has set its Vision to be one of the top three Comprehensive Public Universities in Ethiopia recognized for its academic excellence by 2030. Meanwhile, it has run its academic practices under the Motto of “Knowledge for societal change” (እውቅት ለማህበራዊ ለውጥ).

The University comprises six Colleges and one School that offer a diverse range of programs and disciplines. These include:

  • College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

  • College of Engineering and Technology

  • College of Medicine and Health Science

  • College of Natural and Computational Sciences

  • College of Social Sciences and Humanities

  • College of Business and Economics

  • School of Law

Raya University prides itself on having highly qualified, young and dedicated staff members who play a pivotal role in delivering quality education and creating conducive learning environment. The University employs professors, associate professors, Assistance Professors, lecturers, and support staff who are experts in their respective fields, and engaging in Research, Community Service and Technology Transfer activities to contribute to the advancement of knowledge, and improving societal development of the region and the nation as a whole.

Moreover, as a University, we believe that the selection of focus areas plays a crucial role in fostering academic excellences and aligning our programs with the needs of our community. As a result, we have identified three focus areas covering fields that are deemed crucial for the development of our surrounding region and the nation. These are (1) Agriculture and Natural Resources, (2) Information and Technology, (3) Medicine and Health Sciences.

Furthermore, as a new University, we provide a special emphasize on building internal human capacity which is the key to the overall incredible and paradigm change of our University. We are also trying our best to have energetic, well organized, self-updated, positive thinker campus community in both Academic and Administrative wings. I hope we will make a difference and realize our vision by the end of 2030. Once again, welcome to Raya which is the heart of hospitality, harmony, home of colorful and attractive cultures, and a potential area for investment opportunities.

Thank you for your interest and we welcome you to explore our website Your interest and enthusiasm are highly valued and appreciated.   


Professor Tadesse Dejenie

Raya University President