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Well come to Raya university

Raya University was established by the federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia /FDRE/. council of Ministers and proclamation number 357/2015 in 2015. It has been engaging in different activities and reforms to meet the demands of the surrounding region and nation as a whole. Under the scheme of the institutional reform, the non-core activates of the university, such as campus guarding. cleaning service. students feeding service and campus greenery work have been outsourced in order to focus on its core mission and vision to our university.

The office of ethics & monitoring executive under the president office have been made fair share of contribution in supporting the mission and vision of the university.  The office of Ethics and Anti-corruption office have played a positive role in creation of linkages and partnership, preventing misuse of resources, teaching ethical and moral standards to the university community this BSC cascading is undertaken with the objective of strengthening the current positive progress of the office and enhancing performances. Ethics & monitoring executive established of the University in June 2002 E.c for the first time with a mission of improving the overall social and academic environment of the University and after its establishment it has performed so many tasks to meet and achieve its mission and the set objectives.

  • In cooperation with relevant bodies, to ensure transparency and accountability in government operations by promoting Anti-corruption Education, preventing corruption and impropriety, and investigating and prosecuting corruption Offices
  • Provide trainings on relevant Ethics, about corruption, rent seeking, good governance topics affecting the university
  • Under this office student club, focal person
  • Solved grievances complains of quickly feed back
  • Give a training for the graduate students about corruption and mal-administrative every year with the collaborate of Federal ethics and anti-corruption commission before they involved in civil servant.
  • Founded clubs likes students’ ethics and anti-corruption club, support process staff ethics and anti-corruption club and we also set up ethics representative or focal person from each faculty and administrative office.
  • Give a training for our clubs that we mention above every year about corruption, mal-administrative and how to they expose the corrupter.
  • Corruption investigation and prosecution our office taken of this action in different selected offices. For instance: Estate and facility management, Human resource management, Finance and property administrative and so on.
  • December 9 International Anti-Corruption Day Colorfully Celebrated Ever year accompanied with panel discussion. The Celebration of the day at the University level would serve as a forum to raise public’s awareness on corruption thereby enabling it actively participate in the ongoing effort to prevent corruption from hampering the country’s development endeavor.
  • Give training to higher position of the university about good governance ethical movement with the collaborate of Federal ethics and anti-corruption commission.
  • Asset Declaration and Registration for the 1nd round to higher position of the university. An ever-growing number of countries have adopted laws that require public officials and employees to declare their assets, wealth and other official interest. The principal objective of enforcing asset disclosure and registration is one way of combating of corruption.

Therefore, BSC cascading is undertaken with the objective of strengthening the current process of the center and enhancing its performance.

Yours sincerely,

Kahsu Bolled Embaye ( BA) BA in Civic and Ethical Education

Ethics & Monitoring Executive Officer

Phone: (+251) 9 14 04 4504

E-mail: or

Ethics & monitoring Executive officers staff profile 

Full name: Frewein  Berhe Haben

Position: Corruption Risk Vulnerability Research Expert

Phone: +251 9 14 02 7126

Education Qualification:  BA in civic end ethical education

Email: fer011427