Raya University Graduated Colorfully its 2024 Third Class Students

RU graduated a total of 487 students in different fields of study in both undergraduate and postgraduate programs for the Third Time in the presence of the Management Board of the University, Zonal and Regional Higher Officials, Community Elders and other invited guests in Regular and Extension programs at the newly built University’s Café and Hall on July 02, 2024.
Kassahun Gofe (Ph.D.), Minister Dieta at the Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration and the Chair of the Management Board of Raya University, having congratulated the students and their families, said that the university had been tirelessly working to redress the damage it sustained and eventually did an incredible achievement.
The university registered an extraordinary accomplishment that ranked the highest among the universities of the country in the Exit Exam held at National Level from June 21- 25, 2024 by registering 97.55% in 2024.
He added that this extraordinary success is the upshot of the combined persistent effort and the extra edge of the Management Board and the University Community they exerted to complete their responsibility towards realizing their goal. In addition, he pledged and expressed his commitment to launch the demand-driven, Teachers Residence in in 2024-2025 Budget Years. He also announced the commencement of Maichew Martyrs Boarding School as of 2024-2025 as Community Service Engagement. The commencement of the Boarding School in line with the Science Shared Outreach Programme going on in the university will have a tremendous role in creating outstanding students in Science and Technology for the surrounding community.
Tadesse Dejenie (Prof.), RU’s President, in his part, having congratulated the students and their families in his congratulatory remarks said, “Who dares wins. The university launched its teaching and learning process earlier as soon as the ray of peace of the Pretoria Peace Agreement was heard. When people were facing myriad challenges and uncertainty, the university showed the tenacity to triumph over any challenges having worn the spirit of a can-do attitude, resilience and adaptability that eventually opened the way to a vast sphere of opportunities in the overall activities of the university.” He added that, “There can’t be any shortcuts in the journey to success. No sweat no gain. The toil of years, the sweat of our brow, the struggle we made —everything has counted for accomplishing this dazzling achievement.” As it is said ‘diligence is the mother of successful accomplishments’, this marvelous achievement is gained by the combined and unflagging hard work, dedication and determined zeal of the University Community in all spheres of its activities, said the president. He also underpinned the students to continue to approach their dealings with diligence and integrity—to treat others with care and compassion to contribute their share in the peace-building process of the country.
Knowledge for Societal Change!
Executive for Public and International Relations
Raya University
July 04, 2024