Raya University Departments of Computer Science, Information Technology, & ICT Experts Have Developed a Web-Based Property Management System

A web based property management system developed by the university professors and professionals has been explained to the university administrators.

The University Information Technology (IT), Computer Science (Computer Science) teachers and Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) professionals have made a statement on the University’s administrators at the Senate Assembly Hall on December 10/2016.
The introduction of the new system, historical background, objective (Objectives) and significance (Significance) and the problems that existed in the existing property management system have been explained by Mesele Birhanu.
Web Based Property Management System (Demo) and Mulata Kebede, a professor of Computer Science at the University has given detailed explanation.
The main goal of the new project is to further modernize the university property management system and to provide smooth and quality services by changing the digital operating system and reducing waste.
According to the president of the university professor Tadesse Dejene, the project that solves the problems of the university property management system should be continued.
Dr. Nega Afera, the vice president of Academic, Research, Community Service and Technology Transition of the University said that this kind of research and research of the University’s problems will help to solve the problems of the University and the society in a scientific and effective way.
The vice president of administration and development of the university Dr. Kibrom Kahsu has said in the new report that the work that resolves the management of our university and community property should be continued and the concerned staff should be trained.
Mr. Tesfay Abreha, the dean of the University College of Engineering and Technology, said this project will help to implement a paper free property management system (Paper Free Property Management System).
Finally, the questions and comments raised by the participants have been answered by experts.


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