The university’s information and communication technology (ICT), information technology (IT) and computer science teachers have developed the university’s modern website.

University of Raya.
November 28/2016
A website that is more modern than the previous university website (Website) has been given a press release from the ministry of education to the higher and middle leaders of the university today November 28/2016 E/C in Meda Raya Hotel (Meheni city).
Yemane Gebreselassie who is a computer science teacher at Raya University has given a proposal and explanation on the developed website of the university.
In addition, Gebreye Embafresu who is a professor of computer science at the university has given detailed information to the participants on the website developed by him.
In the discussion, it was stated that teachers should do research projects that can solve the problems of the university and the society.
At the end, different comments and questions were raised about the university website (Website) that was developed from the participants and the teachers have given answers and explanations to the questions raised.
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