Corporate Internet Banking training has been given to the finance staff of the university.

Higher Education Digitalization Reform According to the direction that is set to provide the institutions with a smooth and quality service that saves time and energy, our university, in cooperation with Ethiopian Commercial Bank Maychew District, has provided training for the finance staff of the university on corporate internet banking (digital banking). On November 29, 2016, an E.C. Raya University Information and Communication Technology (Information Communication Technology) training center was established. The training is aimed at making the financial work of the university digital, not limited to time and place (Self Service).Mr. Hagos W/Selassie, business manager of the Ethiopian commercial bank Maychew branch, has given an explanation about the training and corporate internet banking and digital banking. The training was given by digital banking experts Mr. Haftom Kiros and Mr. Ha/Selassie G/Hiwot from Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Mekelle District. An explanation was given about the identity, characteristics, types, and importance of corporate internet banking. Professor Tadesse Dejene, the president of the university, who attended the training, said that the training has a crucial role in changing the financial system of the university to a digital system (digital transformation). We will prepare the necessary preparations and put them into action.


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