Raya University and CultivAid have Signed Project Collaboration Agreement for the establishment of an Agricultural Demonstration and Training Site

Raya univetsity and CultivAid which is an Israeli not-for-profit organization operating in East Africa and specialized in capacity building, knowledge and technology transfer initiatives with a focus on agriculture, water, and nutrition have signed Project Collaboration Agreement on Jan. 24/2024 to work collaboratively on horticulture.
The MOU was signed by Vice President for Administrative and Development of the university Dr. Kibrom Kahsu and CEO of CultivAid Dr. Tomer Malchi who is represented by Mr. Wendwesen Hailu.
The aim of the MOU is to establish an agricultural demonstration and training site in the university for the purpose of research, technology transfer, training and teaching and learning.
Raya University and CultivAid have signed the agreement to coordinate and further their efforts on their respective missions and objectives in accordance with the partnership principles set out in the agreement.

ራያ ዩኒቨርሲቲ እና ካልቲቭ ኤይድ (CultivAid) በትብብር መስራት የሚያስችላቸውን የጋራ መግባብያ ስምምነት (Project Collaboration Agreement) ተፈራረሙ።

ዩኒቨርሲቲው በግብርናው ዘርፍ የተለያዩ ስራዎች ከሚሰራ የእስራኤል ግብረ ሰናይ ድርጅት በጋራ መስራት የሚያስችላቸውን የጋራ መግባብያ ስምምነት ((Project Collaboration Agreemen) ዛሬ ጥር 15/2016 ዓ/ም ተፈራርመዋል።
ስምምነቱ የፈረሙት ዩኒቨርሲቲው በመወከል ዶ/ር ክብሮም ካሕሱ (አስተዳደርና ልማት ም/ፕረዚደንት) ሲሆኑ ዶ/ር ቶመር ሞልቺን (የCultivAid ዋና ስራ አስፈፃሚ) በመወከል አቶ ወንድወሰን ሀይሉ ናቸው።
የስምምነቱ ዋና ዓላማ በዩኒቨርሲቲው ግቢ የግብርና ሰርቶ ማሳያ እና ስልጠና ማእከል በማዘጋጀት ለምርምር፣ ስልጠና፣ መማር ማስተማር፣ የቴክኖሎጂ ሽግግር ስራዎች ለማጠናከር ያለመ ነው።
በስምምነቱ መሰረት ሁለቱም አካላት ይህን ፕሮጀክት የተሳካ እንዲሆን በትብብር እንደሚሰሩ ገልፀዋል።
የፕሮጀክቱ ስራ በዋናነት በሆርቲካልቸር ግብርና ልማት ዘርፍ ትኩረት አድርጎ እንደሚሰራ ከስምምነቱ ለመረዳት ተችሏል።
ዕውቀት ለማኅበረሰባዊ ለውጥ!!!
የህዝብና አለም አቀፍ ግንኙነት ሥራ አስፈፃሚ
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