RU RCSVP office held two-days
training on Research Skills and STEM to female teachers of the university from June19-20, 2021at Meda Raya Hotel, Mekoni town. In his opening speech RU President, Prof. Tadesse Dejenie, said that the university has been doing tremendous effort to boost researchers to be engaged in demand-driven and problem solving researches and projects. In addition to that, Prof. Tadesse Dejenie said that the university is working hard to bring female employees to the forefront. The concept of Writing Mega Project and Project Management was presented by Mrs. Elsa G/giorgis. After that, Mrs. Selam Kelemu Presented the Techniques in Scientific Report Writing and Communication. Each presentation was supported by group assignment, discussion and presentation of the participants of the training. Research Guideline and Policy was presented by Ass. Prof. Temesgen Tesfay. Next to that, Technology transfer Guideline and Policy was presented by Ass. Prof. Tesfay Godifay. In line to this, Community Service Guideline was presented by Dr. Asmelash Tasew. Finally, Sibhatu Gebrehiwet (Ass. Prof.) presented the framework of STEM. RU’s Research and Community Service Directorate director Dr. Asmelash Tasew said that the training was useful for female teachers to develop their skill in conducting fruitful research on different thematic area to solve the problems of the community. Participants of the training on their part said that the training was so essential in strengthening their skills to conduct problem-solving research and such kind of trainings should be given continuously.