RU held two days training

to Maichew Town Small and Medium Scale Enterprises engaged in Manufacturing Industries from June 20-21, 2021. Tesfay Abraha (Assist. Prof.)  delivered trainings on Safety and Industrial Hygiene, Personal Protective Equipment devices at critical operation, in Food Manufacturing, Construction and on the Hazards caused by improper use of safety materials at work place. He also remarked that it is a basic moral human right to be safe in the workplace, and not to be at risk of injury or death in their work associated with the industry and the industry too should not be put at risk since poor health and safety performance can also be very costly to the relevant company, as it can incur legal fees, compensation damages, lost production and decreased morale.

Mr. Tesfay Haregeweyni on his part presented on the hazards and their forms created at work; in manufacturing industries, risks of injury and death will come in the forms such as impact collisions, entanglement and crushing. He also added that hazards also cover risks of exposure to chemicals, heavy metals, fumes and–in some industries–disease and illness as a result of bacteria or viruses.  Finally, they also recommended inaugurating Green Technology which is energy-efficient and sustainable, so they have a lower carbon footprint and a reduced impact on the environment.

Participants on their part shared their experiences during the discussion session on the hazards and damages occur due to improper use of safety materials in their and their friends’ work place. They also added that originally addressing concerns in industry and hazards associated with mechanical and other injury, the field of occupational health and safety has to be expanded to almost every workplace and environment and various laws and legislations that dictate what employers must do should act accordingly to minimize accidents, injuries and fatalities.