Background of the Program

The automotive industry, with ever rising demand for vehicles, in line with the double digit economic growth, expected to grow leaps and bounds in near future in Ethiopia. For a country to have sustainable economic development producing skilled manpower with state of art technology to support the growing automotive industry is an utmost necessity.  As of now there exists an acute shortage of skilled and highly trained manpower in industries as well as in academic institutions. Moreover, Insurance companies transport and road authority, TVET colleges and Universities are looking for automotive professional with substantial engineering and technological back ground. Without any formal education, people were getting acquainted with some repair and maintenance work as per their understanding. This informally developed poor maintenance work habits are still existing and influencing all over the countries automotive related sectors. Raya University gave a considerable attention to Automotive engineering. In view of that, Automotive engineering needs to be given in a manner that would accelerate the process of small and large scale industrial development by producing qualified and competent man power in both the local and international area with adequate knowledge and skill both in practical and theoretical aspects.


Professional Profile of Automotive Engineers

Automotive Engineering is a profession that deals with the design, selection, assembly, commissioning, operation, and maintenance of Automotive, machineries, equipment, and industrial systems. Some of these machinery, equipment’s and systems including industries and companies comprise:

  • On ground, sea moving and air born machineries, objects and systems such as; passenger cars, trucks, motorcycles, vehicle, and, construction and agricultural equipment’s.
  • Ensuring any parts can be sourced when large-scale vehicle assembly commences.
  • developing new test procedures, using both conventional and innovative methods
  • Re-engineering and adapt (modify systems and components) of car technologies as to the needs of the country,
  • Design parts and systems of cars to meet desired needs
  • Engage in research works in alternative sources of energy for cars,
  • Organize, manage, supervise, and check quality of technical and personal activities (reception, maintenance, repair, assembly, purchasing, sales or delivery of spare parts and cars) in Automotive sector,
  • devising and organizing tests, which will answer questions from clients, consumers and other engineers involved in vehicle development
  • Update knowledge and adapt to the ever-changing technology in automotive engineering
  • Communicate with people and organizations within a company and outside the company
  • Be professional, ethical, flexible and appreciates diversity and multiculturalism,
  • managing all details of projects, including projected costs
  • Apply scientific methods to investigate and solve design failures or unexpected maintenance problems in cars
  • Academic, research and development institutions


Graduate Profile of Automotive Engineering

Graduates of automotive engineering students from RU are those who are having the following competences.

  • Competent in design, manufacturing, assembling, testing and evaluation of automotive vehicles.
  • Competent to work as service manager in automotive workshops and companies
  • Proficient in organizing maintenance workshops and fleet management.
  • Can relate theories in mechanics, strength of materials, heat transfer, and other sciences with the operation and construction of automotive systems
  • Able to modify systems
  • Can troubleshoot system problems
  • Skillful in disassembling, inspecting and reassembling vehicle parts.
  • Can use various measurement and test instruments to inspect, adjust, and test systems and components
  • Can plan maintenance schedules of vehicles
  • Analyze the energy, environmental and safety aspects of automotive related products and innovations
  • Install new components and systems and troubleshoot, service, and repair faults and problems of mechanical, electrical and electronics, and hydraulic and pneumatic components and systems of light and heavy-duty vehicles.
  • Use specialized equipment, such as, dynamometers, analyzers, and test benches to test functionality and performance of vehicle units and vehicle itself
  • Able to evaluate, select and demonstrate appropriate auto motives.
  • Layout and organize vehicle maintenance and repair workshops,
  • Write technical specifications to purchase and sell vehicles and spare parts,
  • Handle customer requests and complaints and prepare work orders for vehicles entering the shop to provide quality service
  • Identify training needs, propose training contents and methodologies, and offer trainings in the field of automotive engineering and technology.


Mission of the Department

The mission of the Automotive Engineering;

  • Producing competent automotive engineers with full professional ethics, knowledge and skills
  • Producing competent and innovative Engineers through providing quality instructional, co-curricular and cultural-involvements.
  • Carrying out problem solving research in environmental pollution, car accident and transportation aspects through the active involvement of stakeholders and,
  • Providing demand driven community and consultancy services.


Vision of the Department 

Automotive Engineering in Engineering and Technology College of Raya University aspires to be one of the top ten governmental institutes of technology department in 2023.


Objective of the Department

General Objective

The objective of this program is to provide the student adequate knowledge and skill of basic Automotive engineering concepts, working principles related to design, manufacturing, service and maintenance. In addition, understand and implement the procedure for pollution control, legal aspects such as automotive act, fleet management, insurance, registration of vehicles under different State body control, emission standards


Specific Objective
  • To produce graduates with full professional competence in different fields of Automotive Engineering.
  • To have high level technical manpower who can participate in the national development.
  • To enable graduates carry out research in the areas of Automotive engineering relevant to the needs of the country.
  • To provide opportunity for the working community in the field of Automotive Engineering to upgrade their knowledge to a higher level. competitive enough in the present-day market and make them useful for the development of the country
  • To equip the in-service candidates working in various industries, factories and institutions with the latest technologies in the field of Automotive Engineering to make them useful for the development of the country


Staff Profile



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Automotive Technology 

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Automotive Technology 

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