Raya University, located in the capital of Southern Zone of Tigray Region, is one among the newly established fourth generation Universities in Ethiopia. Raya University’s motto “Better life through science” and the vision be one of the top ten government universities best for quality education, community service and research in Ethiopia by the year 2031’ extends to all level of the academic and administrative staffs including the top leaders. Following to the recruitment of well qualified administrative staffs on merit based principles, Raya University hired academic staffs who hold masters degree and above in five colleges (college of computational and natural science, college of engineering, college social science and language, and college of business and economics) and seventeen departments.

In order to enhance campus community’s awareness on the potential opportunities of different agricultural investments and industries existed in the Southern Zone, RU organized field visit to academic and administrative staffs in two sites of agricultural investments in Raya Azebo Wereda, Lake Hashenge and Higumbirda natural forest in Ofla wereda, and Maichew particle board and Raya brewery factories in Maichew town respectively.

RU stood first in completing the construction of the university and in introducing students’ block and dormitory number on its website while students are at home. The university top leaders and campus community together with the local administration and community representatives well come its first batch students (1408) with heart touching and lovely mood on December 6 to 7, 2017. To contribute its part for the renewal of the long and historical bondage between the peoples of the two countries, RU also accepted 37/1F Eritrean students from different refugees’ camps in Ethiopia.

Our leadership is highly emphasizing and hard working on the bases of practical experiences of Deliverology and good governance to equip our campus community with different trainings related to knowledge, skills, attitude, and good ethics and to fulfill facilities that significantly contributes to the overall provision of quality teaching and learning services and others.

As new University, we emphasize on internal human capacity which is the key to the overall incredible and paradigm change of the University. We are also trying our best to have energetic, well organized, self updated, positive thinker campus community in both academic and administrative wings. I hope we will make a difference and realize our vision by the end of 2031. Once again, well come to Raya the heart of hospitality, harmony, home of colorful and attractive cultures with high investment opportunities. Thank you for your interest and well come you to explore our website www.rayu.edu.etYour interest and enthusiasm are highly valued and appreciated.

Professor Tadese Dejenie

President of Raya University


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Raya University provides universal access to the Ethiopia’s best education, partnering with top known universities and organizations to offer best education.

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